Checking Things Off

Next Thursday we’re invited to visit Transformix Engineering to see one of their machines in action.  To visit Transformix, you MUST have your permission form in.  Drivers must also fill out forms.

Today we spent time checking off lots of items on our pre-build season list.  We looked more closely at last year’s robot as we prepared for our demo at the FLL Qualifying Tournament that we’re hosting this weekend.


We’re excited about the tournament.  We’re so excited that we’ll be at school setting up on Friday night at 8PM, and then back again on Saturday morning at 7AM.

Some of our newer members joined part way through our training sessions, so were eager to catch up–we learned how to charge batteries…battery

…how to solder…


…we worked on our CAD tutorials….


…and brushed up on our knitting skills.  Everyone is learning to knit using the same sets of needles.  We can watch the progress row by row as our rectangle grows!

close knit

Our tight knit team includes several sets of siblings.  Here’s a brother and sister duo soldering up a storm!


It was a whirlwind of activity today.  While all of our training sessions were taking place, several artistically inclined members of our team designed a new thank you card design for this year.

thank you

We set about writing thank you cards to our supporters.  We have a few written already to thank the many volunteers at the FLL tournament this weekend.  It’s important to be prepared, and it’s important to always show your gratitude.

card writing

Sometimes it’s hard to write a thank you card all by yourself.  We often pair up to brainstorm and write together.


Thanks so much to our workshop leaders–they were “riveting”!

no idea

We’re not exactly sure of the events that led up to this photo…..We did learn that he’s got pretty good balance!

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