How To Rescue A Teddy Bear

Today we gathered to continue our preseason training. Some of us are getting very close to completing the set of CAD tutorials. We’ll need all of our experts to design and CAD our robot collaboratively this season.
We had an opportunity today to work on more programming as well. For some of us it was the first time to see and work with programming and logic, and for others it was a good refresher course.

The more people that understand what we can and can’t do with programming the better and more logically we can design our robot and game strategy.

Our design challenge of the day was centered on the rescue of our favorite Teddy bear who was lodged inside a big pipe.

We were tasked with rescuing the bear without injuring or damaging it, and without standing in the 1 meter safety zone. The big trick in the design task was that once the bear had been passed around the circle, it could not be used for prototype testing–neither could the tube for that matter.


teddy bears, the 4th magnetic element

Groups brainstormed, divided tasks, and set about to solve the problem in a variety of ways. We saw many people step up and take on the challenge of being leaders.
One group had a creative idea of using their own Teddy bear to test their device–too bad we all don’t have a Teddy bear in our locker!

We drilled…

…and sawed…


And tried our hardest to fish the poor Teddy bear out of the tube.


The creativity and quick thinking demonstrated today was great. The student teams were having so much fun that our mentor team, “the pancakes” were inspired to make a rescue attempt as well. They likened their strategy to “playing horseshoes down a mine shaft”.

Our bear was unfortunately not rescued, but if given a little more time several of the design ideas would have worked very well.

Reminders to our team: the first aid course is running this Saturday at KCVI. Be there at 9am, and bring your lunch.

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