Brainstorming Skills

first aidWe’re still accepting more people in our First Aid Course–sign up here!!

Details: Emergency First Aid for K-Botics and Cyberfalcon members and mentors on November 26th  from 9AM to 4PM at KCVI room 107.  The cost is only $10.

Today we had some exciting news about some upcoming renovations to our workspace.  We’re looking forward to a more organized space for build season this year.  We’re currently determining what kind of storage we need–what better way than to empty the cupboards and see what we’ll be storing.

organized chaos

organized chaos

In the span of 45 minutes we had our clutter organized in piles on the tables.  We grouped common things together like motors, electrical supplies, pneumatics, etc.  It was good to go through some of the many boxes that were full of “random parts” and discard anything that wont be useful.

Is the room looking better?



To prepare for the thrill of kick-off we looked at the scope for the Skills Canada Robotics competition.  It’s an exciting mining themed remote-controlled robot competition that includes putting nuggets on a pan.  There was a long discussion about nuggets, and strategy.  We read over rules and brainstormed about the important aspects of the robot we’ll build.brainstorm

Homework:  sketch a robot that you think will fulfill the requirements for the game.

We also continued working on our CAD skills.  There have been some difficulties noted about the “Parts 1” and “Parts 2” tutorial.  If you are stuck on either of these you can skip over them for now.  Remember to email your completed files to Kevin!


"I just did three tutorials in a row--I think I'm going to be sick! " -Joy

Before the end of our meeting we spent some time working on our tool skills.  Some of us missed these workshops the first time….


Such intensity!

We’ll see everyone next week when we’ll focus on programming and try our hand at another interesting design challenge.

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