What A Close Knit Team

We started off today having a tour of the storage in the back of our work room.  Before long this space can gather a lot of clutter.  The more we all understand the organizational system of tools and bits and pieces the better we’ll be able to keep our space clean and clutter free.


Some of us got a head start on “sorting the trailmix”–the important job of sorting the nuts and bolts, screws and other fittings and putting them in the appropriate spots.


It’s a fun job…some love it so much they call dibs on sorting!

sortedPart of our rotations today was work on CAD.  Some of our CAD skills are really improving!  Today saw the creation of a CAD iPod Touch.

CAD iphone

We then were challenged by a “What’s the Difference” activity.  Master Links vs. Half Links….Allen Keys vs. Shaft Keys….Robertson vs. Phillips….what's what

Slowly but surely we’re all becoming more accustomed to the new tools and parts that we’ll be using during build season.

Not only does our team build robots, but we’re also working on building a close knit team.  One of our activities to help with this was an actual knitting lesson!

knittingWe don’t usually knit at team meetings, but it has become a popular leisure activity for our team members–we knit on car trips or in the stands at competition…we knit during our free time….and we create some very creative hats!


For some of us, this was a first attempt….knitting

For others it was an opportunity to share their knowledge and skills…knitting

The most creative knitted object today was a knitted mustache for Movember.  knitted mo

Mr. Wood is participating in Movember this year–you are welcome to pledge him some money to keep growing his Mo.


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