FIRST AID COURSE coming soon

Sign up for our Emergency First Aid Course here

What would you do?  How would you help?


note: injury was simulated, photo

Do you know what to do if someone cuts their arm?  What if they amputate a finger?  What if they have a heart attack or stroke?  We think that it’s a good idea to learn how to help out in an emergency situation.

first aid

There are lots of hazards that we will encounter in build season.  We will work safely, but we want people to be comfortable with First Aid procedures just in case.logo

This year we are interested this year in certifying our K-Bots in First Aid before build season.  We will be offering an Emergency First Aid course PARTY on November 26th at KCVI from 10AM-5PM 9AM-4PM. Bring a lunch and wear comfortable clothes.  More information will be available closer to the date.

The cost for this course is $10 per person, a really good deal, since our instructor/examiner is volunteering their time to our team!

To sign up for the course please fill in the online form.

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