A Riveting Day

We’re a Beta-Testing team for both hardware and software this year.  We’ve started meeting to do the required work for this process.  betatestingIt’s not all work–part of beta-testing is really fun!  We have all enjoyed playing with the Kinect!


We’ve practiced using our arms to make various motors turn on and off.

CADWe got together and learned several new skills this week.  We worked on our CAD skills–some K-Bots are making great progress on the tutorials.

“I like CAD because you don’t have to draw by hand, and it’s in 3D”–Rodrigo, grade 9

rivetingThe rest of our group learned how to rivet!

riveting riveting

At the end of the meeting we were glad to welcome our new mentor Henry who explained all about pneumatics.pneumatics


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