Training Week 4

This week we got together with the Cyberfalcons, team 3710, and learned new skills with them. It was wonderful to have their programming mentor lead a workshop for lots of our K-Bots.

The other half of the group went through a set of stations to learn and work together. We learned all about chain–how to cut it and how to identify and use the master link.


We looked at an old drive train, and found the spots where fingers could get caught.
20111024-092748.jpgAt another station we worked on our team building and communication. We all stood on a blanket and folded it as much as possible while still standing on it!

20111024-092648.jpgWe used this time together to practice our communication skills also. We want to get everyone comfortable talking about our team and FIRST in general.

We had a positive group discussion about our sponsorship and marketing. We’re redoing our sponsorship package to show to potential sponsors.
20111024-092739.jpgWe started with some hands on skills in wiring. We cut wires, stripped wires and learned how to solder.
20111024-092743.jpgGeorge, a new K-Bot this year, thought that soldering was the best thing that he’d learned this season.
20111024-092753.jpgAfter the rotations were done, we started looking at CAD. We’ve got a tutorial for everyone to work through–it’s on the robotics drive at school–email your files to Kevin when you are done!
20111024-092758.jpgOur game analysis session focused on Breakaway, the FRC game from 2010. it was great to hear what the new members thought of the game and what strategies they came up with.

There are so many great and useful skills that we’re learning each time we meet. Thanks to the student and mentors who have been taking leadership roles. We’re building up a great skills base for the future.


Some of us are still working on learning some skills.

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