K-Botics Goes To The Ball

K-Botics was invited to do a demonstration at the Limestone Learning Foundation Crystal Palace Gala, a black tie fundraising event for the Limestone Learning Foundation, which donates money for educational initiatives throughout the school board.

We packed up our robot in the pouring rain in the middle of the afternoon and set up at the K-Rock Center (our local arena) along with many other student projects.

set  up
We had never been to a black tie event before. We all dressed up for the occasion–no jeans!

formal k-botsWe were excited to show our robot to so many people, and to thank the Limestone Learning Foundation for all of their support last year.

demoBefore long, the room was packed with people enjoying their champagne reception.

receptionAfter our demonstration ended, the gala began. The K-Rock center was decorated very beautifully with seating for 700 to enjoy a 3 course meal and fabulous live entertainment by local students and famous musicians.inside the gala

One of the more exciting performances for us was watching KCVI’s representative sing with Rob Baker of the Tragically Hip.performers

Thanks to all who helped get our robot demo set up, and cleared away, as well as everyone who came to the event to represent our team.

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