Training week 3

We split our group up this week to learn lots of new skills. Part of our group teamed up with team 3710 to work on programming.

It is fun to get working together with the Cyberfalcons this early in the season! Next week we’ve invited them to join us at K-Botics headquarters.

Our beta testing has begun now! We’re excited to be doing software and hardware beta testing again this year. It will be fun to see how the Kinect will be involved in this year’s challenge.

The other part of our group split up and learned about the electrical components on a robot, next week we’re looking forward to preparing wires and putting together some circuits.


We continued to work on our game analysis, this time on a VEX game–this made it a challenge for all experienced FIRST participants. We’re getting good at processing new challenges–we’ll be all set for kick-off.

Another group looked at different robots and mechanisms that have appeared in the past. We looked for common features and noticed how many different ways people approached similar tasks. We’re hoping to get one of our old drive trains working so we can start working on our driving skills next!

Our team building activity was to play pictionary and charades using a lot of vocabulary from robotics. We found out that some of us are good at drawing and others struggle sometimes when they can’t use their words. We’re working on developing good communication, and strong friendships so we can work together positively through out the season.

At the end of the workshops some of us got our hands on some CAD software and learned how to model 3D objects.


We were also glad to welcome some visiting family members! We love to show off our team and our robot.

20111014-094058.jpgWe welcome everyone to come and visit us at K-Botics headquarters on Thursdays after school!

Mark your calendars and save your empties for our bottle drive on November 1st!

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