Pre-Season Training

We gathered to learn about safety. Together we brainstormed a very impressive list of safety rules and showed all of our new members where our safety glasses are and where the First Aid kit is. We are planning to run a First Aid course for interested team members and mentors before build season. Stay tuned for more information.

Because we have so many members this season, we split up into groups and rotated through several stations. Over the course of our meeting we all learned about how to charge all types of batteries safely. Everyone was introduced to MEL (our Mobile.Electronic.Loader) that we constructed last year to house and charge batteries.

We all got to meet Barbra Streisand (a.k.a. Kasey III) the robot we built for Logomotion.

We learned about different parts of robots, from wheels to the drive train, the control system, pneumatics, solenoids, etc. At first glance for new members the robot looks like a very complicated piece of equipment. Next year though, after going through a build season, all of our new members will be much more comfortable with all of these parts! After some instruction on proper drill usage, we had a chance to drill holes in metal and in wood.

This skill is very important when we need to cheesehole our robot! Our last stations were teamwork and team building activities. From untangling a human knot to playing various get-to-know-you games we learned a little bit more about each other, and had a lot of laughs together.


Thanks to all of the workshop organizers and leaders! We look forward to learning more together next week.

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