Welcome New K-Bots

We were excited to welcome 40 new and returning K-Bots to our big purple family. Our more experienced members had a great workshop to get people mixing and mingling and to introduce FIRST and our team.new members

After name games we split up into groups to practice our teamwork skills and our design creativity.  We tried to build the tallest newspaper tower!newspaper tower
Each group had a different approach to teamwork and to the design process.  Everyone had a chance to share their ideas and contribute to building some pretty fantastic creations.

teamworkHere are the results:  Group 1 had a really tall tower!  They took advantage of having several really tall people in their group who could put the top pieces on.

Group 1

Group 1

Group 2:  This tower was the only one that could fit an entire person inside it.  This group had lots of fun while building, and seemed to focus on triangles!

group 2

Group 2

Group 3: This tower was starting off well with a sturdy base as a foundation, but after a few attempts it ended up toppling over.  This group was very spirited, and had fun throughout the entire building process.

Group 3

Group 3

People might wonder what building newspaper towers has to do with building a robot.  Although groups were tasked with building a tower, the real goal of the activity is to build a team!

snacksWe had delicious snacks (Thanks Megan!)

demoThen our robots were on display in the hallway and everyone got a chance to drive and operate Kasey I and Kasey III.

We’re keen to see everyone back again next Thursday when we start our pre-season training.  Bring your friends!

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