Shoreline Clean Up

It was such a nice day to have a walk by the water and do our part to clean it up.  This is the second year that we’ve participated in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up.

shoreline cleanupTwelve members of our big purple family gathered today near the Marine Museum and we cleaned up all the way to the Pump House museum along the shore of Lake Ontario.shoreline cleanupWe tallied all the garbage we collected and sent in our list to be compiled with lists from all over Canada.

tallyingHere’s what we picked up.  It’s interesting what things wash up on our shores.

  • 5 paper bags
  • 21 plastic bags
  • 3 balloons
  • 9 plastic bottles
  • 2 glass bottles
  • 7 cans
  • 10 lids
  • 4 pieces of clothing
  • 6 pieces of cutlery
  • 32 food wrappers
  • 1 shotgun shell
  • 18 straws
  • 2 ropes
  • 4 pieces of plastic sheeting
  • 1 strapping band
  • 13 cigarette butts
  • 5 cigar tips
  • 1 cigarette lighter
  • 5 tampon applicators
  • 1 condom
  • a pair of goggles

All of our garbage fit into one bag–much better than our clean up last year!

garbageWhile we were busy picking up trash, several people stopped to chat with us and find out what we were doing, and who we were.  It was a wonderful opportunity to tell the public about our team, and about the Shoreline Clean Up program.

we love our shorelineWe had so much fun that we’ll be taking part next year as well.

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