Our FIRST Day Back

Today we met for the first time since school started.  There was a buzz around the school today–people were wearing purple and some of the hats have made an appearance already!  It was exciting to see everyone so eager to get started with all that we’ve got planned this year.discussions

It was really great to see so many of our Queen’s students back again as mentors.  We also welcome some new mentors this year, Oleg from team 610 and Henry, a veteran K-Bot.  Tim was so happy to see Henry that he even smiled!

Henry's BackWe discussed in general terms the plan for the season, and more specifically the events planned before build season starts.  Firstly, the shoreline clean up is on Sunday at 2pm meeting at the Marine Museum Dry Dock (Ontario Street)–bring rubber gloves and wear sturdy/waterproof shoes, wear purple and hats.  planning

Next Thursday we are opening our doors to any interested KCVI student to come and check out all of the fun that we have at K-Botics.  We hope to see lots of grade 9s show up!  Barbra

Part of our team planned the activities for Thursday, while another group made sure that Kasey III (Barbra Streisand) was still in good working order.  We will have our first demonstration during the clubs carousel on Tuesday in period B.

Safety tip of the day:  Do NOT wear zipties as rings…..they may result in purple fingers–right Sam?

don't try this at home

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