Demo at Rideau Public School

Despite the rain, we packed up carpet, robot, and tubes and headed to Rideau Public School where we demonstrated our robot for most of their student body.


Eager eyes watched as we maneuvered the robot around the floor, scoring tubes on our transportable scoring rack.

driving lessonsSome of the older students had a turn driving the robot, while the younger ones seemed more concerned about if the robot was alive, or if it was a boy or girl robot, and what its name was.

smilingTim was having such a good time teaching driving skills that he let us catch a smile on camera!

curiousSome of the grade 8s were very intrigued with how the robot was built, and they look forward joining our team next year.

One student was overheard saying with great excitement,  “Now I know for sure what school I’m going to next year!”

We enjoy this opportunity to ease the transition for some grade 8s by giving them something to look forward to when they get to KCVI.

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