End Of Year Extravaganza

logomotionWhat a day it has been!  We gathered this afternoon to celebrate our season and to thank our mentors, families and sponsors.

chairmansWe showed our chairman’s video and gave the chairman’s presentation for our audience.  We gave a robot demo.  We recognized our Dean’s List and Woodie Flowers nominees, and applauded our graduating students and mentors.

demoWe presented our top ten list as well:

You know you’ve spent a bit too much time at robotics when…
10. More than half of your wardrobe is purple.
9. 6 hour bus rides seem short.
8. Family day can be celebrated in a warehouse.
7. The word Tetrix makes you cringe.
6. You don’t see the sun from January until April.
5. You eat family dinners, with your family, at school.
4. You’re so tired that everything seems funny.
3. Zipties are your lucky charms.
2. Room 107 looks clean.
1. You wake up to find you’ve been sleeping with side cutters.

The afternoon concluded with refreshments and robot driving lessons.


Thanks to all families who helped with the arrangements, and the food.  Thanks to our sponsors for all of the support this year.  We look forward to more fun next year!family

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