Extravaganza Preparations

Our meeting today was quite a productive one!  We’re planning the final details for our end of year party taking place June 4th from 2-4 pm at KCVI.

All K-Bots are expected to attend (wear your purple and your hats).  Invite your family and friends to come and see the progress we made during our 6 week build, and hear the stories of competition.  We’d like to thank families for supporting all our our team members with dinners and carpools and lots of smiles this past season.  Parents, come celebrate with the rest of the extended K-Botics family!

We’d like to recognize the contribution of our mentors who dedicate 6+ weeks of their life to build season and beyond.  Mentors, please feel free to invite family and friends to see what you’ve been up to when you’re not at home.

The financial support of our many sponsors is what makes our build season possible.  This year we required more money to get to the Championships, and our sponsors stepped in and helped make that possible.  We have extended invitations to all of our sponsors to join us on June 4th and we hope that many will be able to attend and see the amazing things that are done with their support.

Over our 3 years we have certainly build a strong foundation upon which we will continue to build for many years to come.

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