Barbra’s Back!

We got the good news today that Barbra is back in town.  Thanks so much to our sponsors Transformix Engineering for allowing us to ship our robot to and from Championships using their loading dock.Barbra

We uncrated today after school and transported Barbra back to our headquarters to do some last minute repairs before the Relay For Life tomorrow.  Now that weight is not a big concern, we can put back on some of the pieces we eliminated during competition.  We’re hoping to get our party lights back on soon.

discussionsWe’ll be blowing up some tubes, and setting up some parts of the field tomorrow.  Our demo is from 11:00-11:45 PM.  Fingers crossed that all will be well, and that Brandi can climb the pole once more.

All Relay-For-Life participants need to be at the school by 7pm.  We can’t get into the building until the entire team is present.

Our next meeting, on Tuesday will be at KCVI and include a drawing workshop (3-5) and a CAD workshop (5-7) with the Cyberfalcons!drawing

On another note, a sure sign of summer: bumper materials are readily available– Get yours today!bumpers

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