Pre-Season Training

Today we met at the Cyberfalcon’s (team 3710) headquarters to do some pre-season training for the 2012 challege.  Our first session was all about technical drawings.  After our introductions (where we stated a non-robotics hobby and our self determined “maturity age”) Brian, a mentor from team 3710, brought a cool teaching tool.  It’s three pieces of lexan hinged so that they can fold to make half a box.
teaching toolsWhen an object is placed in this box it becomes easy to draw the top view, front view and side view of the object as you look from the top, front and side.

learningWe watched intently as he drew, explaining that hidden lines are dotted and solid lines represent things you can see.unfoldedAfter the drawing’s complete it’s neat to see the lexan unfolded.  The top, side and front views are all in the right spot!mentoring

We each used some LEGO and Fun-dough to make shapes, then draw them.  We passed the drawings to our partner who then tried to reconstruct our model from drawings alone.  Sometimes it was quite a challenge.

practiceAs the evening continued we started having too much fun with the fun-dough.

fun-doughMentors are kids too!

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