Pre-Season…Post-Season…it’s all a bit blurry!

We’re in the foggy gray zone of post-season wrap up and pre-season planning.  We’re cleaning up our workroom and making sure our tools are back where they can easily be found.  We’ve cleaned out our filing cabinet, and organized files on the computer hard drive.


mentors hard at work planning

We’re making our 2009 robot demo-ready for the Relay For Life on May 13th. We’re preparing newsletters and contacting the media about our recent St. Louis competition.

filing cabinetAt the same time we’re also preparing FLL curriculum and presentations, and getting ready to bring “Kasey III: Barbra Streisand” on tour to the local elementary schools in June.

brainstormingWhile we’ve got ideas fresh in our minds we’re making up a handbook for new members, and we’re also coming up with ideas for  fundraising and we’re always looking for new sponsors, so we’re refreshing our sponsorship package.

student handbookWe’re always learning!  It’s a good time to brush up on CAD skills.  CADMonday we’re going to Frontenac Secondary School at 5:00PM to learn technical drawing with our good friend the Cyberfalcons, team 3710.  It’s going to be a fun pre-season!!

Quote of the day: “I can mutter in parseltongue” -Joy

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