What Day Is It Now?

We’re now back in Canada salivating at the thought of Tim Hortons and excited to use cellphones again. There is some debate about what time it is, what day it is, how many stops we’ve made, and a disbelief that it is May and that there is school tomorrow.

The bus seems to be it’s own timezone, and a purple bubble, where bus raves happen regardless of dance talent, enthusiasm is what counts…a place where a “motor-roll-upable-light saber” becomes a reality in the wee hours of the morning, designs drawn by glowstick-light…a place where laws of physics are discussed and debated at great length by day, and algorithms for social interaction by night (we’re thinking of writing a book called “training wheels”)…The bus is a place where memories get made, and friendships solidified, and all of the “reputations” we have at school can be forgotten or changed. Some of us even took time out after the bus rave to keep reading novels for English class!

“I have enough energy to power a light saber” Sam
“does he have an E-stop button?” Colin

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One Response to What Day Is It Now?

  1. Mrs.Dopking says:

    Congratulations K-Botics, for your best performance of the season!!! I am especially excited to hear about the mini-bot—yayyy! Many Kingston fans were cheering for you over the past few days, and you have made us very proud. So glad you made it back safely and that you survived the long drive.

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