Championship Day 4 morning

This morning we had to get everything onto the bus by 6:30am so it was a bit of a rush to get dressed, packed and eat before then. Our determined scouts went early to save seats in the pit stands, and the rest of us joined as the morning progressed. By 7:30 we were all there and raring to go for our final qualification match on the Newton field.

We scouted and cheered all morning. Waldo invited us to go cheer with them for 1114, swat, 2056 and the other Canadian teams. It is great that we Canadians stick together and are spirited as a group.

We wrote postcards this morning to send to 32 of our closest sponsors and friends. We appreciate the support of everyone who has provided financial and material support, as well as those who have continued to give their time over the past 3 years. It would be an astounding number of hours (if we dared to keep track!). Thanks also to our friends and families who have supported us, and who understand that during build season we’re not home as much as usual.

Our match this morning was our las opportunity to show what we can do, and the stars certainly did line up for us. Perhaps it was that “Barbra Sreisand” was playing as we lined up for the match…whatever the reason, we’re thrilled to announce that we scored in autonomous, scored well during the match, and that Brandi did it again! Despite casts on both axels, she got up the pole in 3rd place. We’re hoping that she will have another chance to climb during eliminations, but we need to get picked first. Alliance selection takes place before lunch.

Hope everyone is watching at home!

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