Championship Day 4 later that day

Our last match of the morning where we played so well did not earn us any ranking points due to an alliance member red card. So although we did a great job, we fell in the rankings before alliance selection. Before lunch we waited, hoping to be chosen to form part of an alliance for the elimination rounds. Team 1503, another Canadian team, was chosen but we, sadly, were not. We were pleased at least to be leaving having played the best game of our entire 2011 season.

During our lunch break we took Barbra and Brandi for a photoshoot in the courtyard. The whole team was there to celebrate their hard work over the past few weeks. Photos were followed by our Queen’s students and alumni mentors slamming their jackets in celebration of the end of our season.

Our pit crew packed up the pit and crated the robot. We have arranged for shipping back to Canada, and we look forward to being reunited with our robot soon. We ate lunch together as a team, finally taking a moment to relax. Some of us realize that we are more tired than we thought.

After lunch we watched teams 1114, 610, and 188 on the Galileo field. Sadly they all got eliminated. The matches on Einstein came next, and we cheered on teams 781 and 1503. Between matches we heard speeches and and saw videos and watched awards get presented.

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