Championship Day 3

Today we missed our 5:30 wake up call, and despite a few smoking bagels still managed to get to the stadium by 6:30. We were 3rd in line with the robo wranglers and 2056. We met some Canadian members of an American team, they came to ask us about our hats. They knit team hats too!

When the stands opened there was a mad rush to get the good seats. Newton division played under the dome today and it is immense! 3 fields set up with half of the stadium reserved for the concert tonight.

While scouts settled in the stands, pit crew worked on perfecting our deployment and autonomous mode. Opening ceremonies halted all work, and everyone listened to Woodie Flowers and Dean Kamen talk about FIRST and the 20th anniversary.

During the day we had an exciting moment…the minibot Brandi climbed up the pole! This was the first time that we’ve earned points for the minibot. We also scored in autonomous, but not in the same match as the minibot…that’s what we’ll try tomorrow. We are consistently scoring lots of tubes and looking awesome on the field.

After another long day we had dinner and some of us went to the taping for a TV special “i am first” featuring and the black eyed peas and with Willow Smith as an opening act. It was exciting to sit up in the nosebleeds watching all of the lights and dancing below. Also at the event the chairman’s award was presented. Congrats to the Hawaiian kids for the win. The winner of the FLL champion award was a Canadian team from Oakville. We cheered really loud for them.

While some were at the concert, others did the important job of deciding on the pick list for eliminations tomorrow. It is a long process of number crunching and debating skills of each team. We have our top 24 picked now, and hopefully we get to use it. Time will tell.

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4 Responses to Championship Day 3

  1. The Bird Family says:

    Way to go K Botics and Brandi! How wonderful to hear you had a successful mini bot deployment, our stand section must have gone wild!! Sounds like everyone is making great memories, and we will be continuing to watch and cheer from afar. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, and safe journey home.

  2. Wow what a close game 10! And you guys performed flawlessly. Very proud of the whole team representing Kingston Canada. Cheers from here!

  3. The Bird Family says:

    Amazing games so far everyone. The last one was so close, and had us on the edge of our seats! Can’t get any better than having both autonomous mode score, and the mini bot deployed in one game! You’ve done a wonderful job of representing Canada, and we are very proud of your efforts!!

  4. Canadian Teams in the Final Elimination Round to watch and their standing in their elimination round:
    781 Archimedes 34
    1241 Curie 1
    2056 Curie 30
    1503 Newton 19
    1114 Galileo 10
    188 Galileo 33
    610 Galileo 23

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