Championships Day 1

It has been one of those very long days. We started off at 8pm on Tuesday in a torrential downpour, and drove through lots of fog and rain to arrive in St. Louis a mere 19 hours later.

The bus ride was full of card games, bus raves, and even a reading of Lord Of The Flies.

Once in St. Louis we stowed our massive quantity of luggage in the lobby and split up…the pit crew went to set up our area and have four hours of time to work on the robot, installing the new minibot deployment system and getting inspected for competition. We’re not quite passed yet, but will be tomorrow.

Some of us went to seminars about strategy or resume writing or how robots are used in medicine. We may have had a hot tamale eating contest in the back row…

Others stayed at the hotel and enjoyed showers, toothbrushes and a visit to the pool.

Tomorrow we’ll be up early. We’re playing on the pit fields so seating will be limited.

Everyone is happy and healthy and ready for a great few days of competition and fun. There are robotics teams everywhere…crazy hair, team shirts, and some have been spotted carrying their precious cargo of minibot deployment mechanisms under their arms. It’s a great place to be!

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11 Responses to Championships Day 1

  1. The Bird Family says:

    Glad everyone journeyed safe, have fun in St. Louis!

  2. Wood Family says:

    Love the blogging Rachel, I look forward to reading it and hearing how you are all doing. I appreciate the effort you put into it!

  3. World Championship play – In elimination Game 1 it was Kbotics 2809 win 136 45

  4. Game 2 another win 85 to 41

  5. Game 3 was a loss – 18 to 52.

  6. Last game of the day – a loss – 78 to 57, but 2809 looked much stronger in this match.

  7. New day Game five is a win! 97 to 60

  8. Another win game 6 – 91 to 65

  9. Game seven close by a loss – 90 to 79

  10. game 8 another close loss – no mini bots deployed on our side, both on the other so we were lapsed in the end to lose 64 to 78

  11. Game 9 – High scoring but not enough for a win 2809 loss – 104 to 83

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