Thank You KLETON Manufacturing

We got a fantastic gift today from our newest sponsor KLETON Manufacturing Inc.  It’s a rolling cabinet with drawers for tools, and a great work surface.


Assembly was a fun challenge.  We’re good at reading the instructions first!

reading instructions

It is a perfect fit with our pit layout.  It’s nice to have drawers that lock now, and we’ll be much more organized that we were before.

perfect fit

Thanks again KLETON Manufacturing!

In other news…M.E.L.’s fully loaded now!  Batteries are charging, spools of wire are installed, and she’s pretty mobile now that the handle and wheels are installed.


Minibot testing continues with our test rig.  It’s much easier for us to line up and deploy with our new system.

minibot testing

Our scouting binder is being organized…


…slowly but surely we’re getting all of the tasks done in preparation for our departure on Tuesday evening.

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3 Responses to Thank You KLETON Manufacturing

  1. John Hyde says:

    So exciting!

  2. The Bird Family says:

    Good luck and have fun Kbotics team!!

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