A Long Day

After school some of us started preparing for our fundraiser in the evening…we sharpened almost 200 pencils!


Others picked up the water-jet pieces that we’re using for St. Louis.  It’s fun to get new parts back from the shop.


We took our time with the deburring, making sure not to leave any sharp edges.


Others got to work on M.E.L.  She got a makeover today–braces removed….MEL

…and a fresh coat of paint.  She’s looking pretty good!MEL  At 6:00PM we were excited to see so many people arriving to take part in our fundraising test.  We had 52 people in attendance, which gets us approximately $1500 more for our trip to the Championships.  Parents, friends, high school students from our school and others, recent graduates, Queen’s students, teachers, nurses, and even some Cyberfalcon mentors!TEST

The test was long, and had lots of math.  Even after they finished, mentors kept discussing how to properly solve some of the questions!TEST

Our mentor Alex said of the test “This was generally less pleasant than my calculus exam earlier today.”


Poor guy, he went from one exam to another!  Thanks for all the help everyone.  Thanks to those who wrote, and to those who organized the evening.

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