We need your help!

s.louisK-Botics is planning a fundraiser for Monday April 18th from 6pm-8pm at KCVI (235 Frontenac Street).

We have been approached by ETS with a very generous offer.  They are pilot testing an aptitude test, and they will give a donation to our team if we can  find people between the ages of 17 and 42 to write the test.  No marks, no feedback, no names, no record–no pressure!

Please help us to spread the word!  We’re looking for 300 people, so we can get a donation of $10000.  Bring family, friends, neighbours, co-workers with you!

Why would you want to write the test?

  • you’d be helping a very motivated and enthusiastic team of high school students, and their robot attend the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.
  • we’ll give you a certificate of appreciation (if you want one)
  • you’ll get volunteer hours (if you’re in high school)
  • it’s good practice for the other exams you’re taking this time of year.
  • you’ve always wanted to know what aptitude tests are like, but have been scared to take one.
  • all of your friends are writing it!
  • it’s free!
  • volunteering makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
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