Robots, Parents And More Preparation

We’ve divided up into subgroups to accomplish all of our tasks.  There’s nothing like the world championships to kick us into high gear!  Our minibot plans are coming along.  We’re modifying some CAD drawings to come up with some new ideas.

Candy 2.0?

We’re repairing our mascot costume.  It’s getting a new fan!  Maybe it wont be so sweaty in there now.

mascot brain surgery

We’re sorting through our scrap metal to see what is useful to bring along with us to competition.

packing and sorting

And, very importantly, we’re making sure that homework gets done.  When we’re missing lots of class to go to competitions, we have to be sure to catch up when we get back.  We’re gathering up a lot of work to bring for the bus ride to St. Louis.  18+ hours….we can read Lord of the Flies in that time!


Tonight some of us stayed to do a demo for the Parent Teacher Interviews.  We kept things entertaining in the hallway between the two gyms where interviews were taking place.

parent teacher night

We had game footage of Kasey III (Barbra), and we had Kasey I on display.  It is fun to shoot moon rocks at each other!  Parents enjoyed seeing our robot in action.demo

We look forward to showing them what Barbra can do!

Robot Status Update:

Barbra is in Toledo, and on schedule to arrive in St. Louis on April 8th.

P.S. Check out K-Botics in today’s Kingston This Week!  There’s a great photo and article.


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