Planning and Progress

Today started early with a phone call.  Mr Wood will be speaking on the CBC radio at 8AM tomorrow!!!  We’ll be listening.

cbc radio

Work started quickly after school.  We have divided up our tasks, and made a plan to get things accomplished.


We’re planning how to modify our minibot and deployment….we’re not sure what revision this is anymore!


We’re sorting our nuts and bolts to see what we need to order more of.


We’ve been inspired by other teams to build a rolling battery box that will hold more batteries than our current charger.  It’s going to be great!

battery box

Our team has realized how much extra money we will need for our trip to St. Louis.  We’re searching for creative ways to raise money.  bottle driveWe’re planning to run a bottle drive on Monday after school in the parking lot, and the Queen’s campus area.


We’re busy making a video for our school recognition assembly.  Our school is pretty excited for our success!  It will be fun to show everyone some game footage of our robot in action.

recognition assembly

We had some cake today to celebrate our successful trip, and to celebrate the generosity of the Queen’s University Applied Science department who has donated funds to help us get to St. Louis.


We’re preparing for our parent teacher night demonstrations on Thursday evening.  We’re going to get Kasey I working again!!

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One Response to Planning and Progress

  1. Colleen Johnson says:

    Great Interview on CBC!!!!

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