Gearing Up For The Worlds

We’re thrilled to have qualified for the World Championships in St. Louis this year!  There is SO much to do to prepare for this kind of trip. Our robot needs to be in a crate tonight and shipped tomorrow.

bye bye robot

We are meeting after school to get everything organized, and to think of ways to fundraise for our trip.  We’re working on getting publicity for our team.  minibot meetingWe’re still trying to figure out how to deploy our minibot properly.  We’re thinking of redesigning a few things.

pitWe’ve started to clean up and organize our tools so we know what to pack, and what to order more of.


We’re looking up the teams that have already qualified for the Worlds, and looking for pictures and stats for their robots.  There are a lot of teams going!  Scouting will be a big challenge.

In other news: It’s Petey’s birthday!


Happy birthday Petey!!!



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  1. John Hyde says:

    Sorry this comment is so delayed : P

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