GTR Day 3 2011

robotWhat a day it was! We played two games this morning, and ended up in a great spot before alliance selection. Our minibot was still giving us trouble, but we kept working hard to perfect the deployment. Unfortunately it never made it up the pole in a match.

robotDuring alliance selection we were assured a spot as a captain, but were selected by the fourth alliance captain team 1305. We invited team 3541 to join us on our alliance.


purple and full of spirit!

We played well during the match, dominating the tube scoring, but we were plagued with minibot issues once more, and were eliminated at the quarter finals.

alliance selection

alliance selection

It is such fun to be at a competition with our rookie friends the Cyberfalcons team 3710. They made an impression on everyone as the strongest defense bot by far. They were able to push around the best of the best without racking up penalty points. Their skill and strategy won them the admiration of everyone around. They were picked 8th overall–an impressive feat for a defense bot. Along with team 2634 and 3161 they put up a great fight against the first seeded alliance (and eventual champions 2056, 781, and 1547).


Being eliminated in the quarter finals was disappointing, but we had lots of time to get our robot and pit packed up. We cheered on team 1114 and 610 (some of our mentors come from those teams). The semis and the finals were exciting and high scoring matches!

winnerAwards are given out after the competition ends. Before awards, a prize was drawn from all of the students who filled out an online evaluation of the competition. We were so excited that a K-bot won! Congratulations Jacob. We know you will enjoy your new awesome laptop!

Engineering InspirationThe Cyberfalcons took home the Judges award for all of their hard work. We are bringing home more hardware and medals too! We won the Engineering Inspiration award which recognizes our work and our influence on our community and how we promote science and technology. We got high fives from all of the judges, and hugs from our team. This award qualifies us for the World Championships in St. Louis!

See you there Morgan Freeman!

K-Botics is meeting Monday after school to unpack, organize, and build a crate for our robot. The shipping deadline is Tuesday, so we need all hands on deck!

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