GTR Day 2 2011

It was an early start this morning! We learned a few things during breakfast….It’s possible to feed 46 people bagels in half an hour as long as you have many many bagels, many many toasters and a lot of cooperation. We only blew one fuse in the process!


all of us are feeling a bit blurry before 7AM

We got to the Hershey Center early enough to get our favourite seats in the stands. Our scouts are keen to see all of the action, so reserving the prime seats is a priority!


Between matches, we were able to show our spirit by cheering and dancing and being generally excited about the competition. It’s lots of fun to watch your robot do AMAZING things! Other robots are doing some pretty amazing things too. The competition is pretty challenging.


Here we are attempting to score an ubertube in autonomous mode. We got pretty good at it over the course of the day! Some of the other teams can reliably score not only one, but TWO ubertubes! It’s fantastic to see.

ubertubesBetween matches, our robot gets worked on by our expert pit crew. It’s pretty crowded and busy in there. Judges and safety officials, robots, mentors, students, families and friends are all milling about, looking around, repairing robots, changing batteries, lining up for matches, strategizing with alliances etc. The pit is a fun place to visit, specially when the robot is working well.

repairsThis morning our Chairman’s team did a great job with their presentation. They explained to judges all about what we do that makes our team special, how we work to get others interested in science and technology, and how our team is building a strong foundation for the future.

tailgateOur excellent lunch plan was a success today. Thanks to Gord for organizing the sandwich run! We had a tailgate party in the parking lot.

Our matches went really well today. We won 5 and lost 3, some were really close games! We have two more games tomorrow in the morning before alliance selection begins. At the end of the first day we’re happily sitting in 8th place, and we’re excited to announce that we won the Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation.award winners

After dinner our scouts gathered with the Cyberfalcons to discuss our top 24 list for alliance selection, and the minibot team got to work on more modifications to the deployment system. We’re looking forward to seeing it work tomorrow morning.


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