K-Botics is in the SPOTLIGHT!

We’re pleased to be featured on the front page of the Limestone District School Board website!  Slowly but surely everyone is hearing about what our robotics team is up to.  It’s nice to spread our news to the whole school board now.

Today we worked on our minibot and deployment system.  Things have really come a long way over the past week.  We’re looking forward to great results at GTR.


Our human player has had some fun in the gym.  We’re so lucky to have mentors that are keen to be the “human player coach”, and run practice sessions like this one.

human player practice

Our Chairman’s crew has had amazing support as well.  Daily practices have led to a really great presentation. We are excited to see what the judges at GTR will think of it.


Along with all of the robotic preparations, we’ve also done lots of organizing for our weekend adventure.  We have packed our bagels for our team breakfasts.


132--That's a lot of bagels!

Tomorrow we’re getting things ready to be packed in the van.  It’s hard to believe that there are only THREE sleeps left!


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