Five Days Until GTR

We got here this morning and turned on the webcast of the Waterloo Regional.  It was our soundtrack for the day.


Our day started out with an interesting experiment.  We found out what is inside a tape measure.  We also found out that they are very hard to put together once they come apart.


We kept working on our mission to lighten the lights.  We’re making good progress.  We want to be looking flashy at GTR.


Our dedicated minibot team was working on making more last minute revisions.  Top secret deployment prototypes are being refined as well.happy birthday

We had a break part way through the afternoon to eat cake and celebrate Brennan’s birthday.  Happy 16th Brennan!

chairmans preparationsWe made good use of the printer, laminator and paper cutter today!  Precision work and attention to detail are key when preparing visuals for our Chairman’s presentation.


We took breaks from our designing to watch the semis and finals in Waterloo.  With so many scoring records broken today it is hard not to watch!


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