Getting Organized

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a 10 square foot pit area expands to fill an entire computer lab?  We witnessed it today as we unpacked and repacked all of our tools and supplies.


The pit is all clean now though!clean

We’re getting better at packing everything so it is easy to find.  We use plastic baggies to keep everything together.


Organized to our high standards!

Our Chairman’s team escaped from the chaos of tool organization and the sounds of drills and vacuums to practise their presentation in the hallway.  It was great to have Petey come visit and provide his advice.


Out the back door of the lab we have an area that is tall enough to house a minibot pole.  We all gathered to see if our improvements have reduced the time it takes for the minibot to get all the way to the top.minibot

We’re still working hard to perfect the minibot.  A good minibot is a definite game changer!minibot

We look forward to watching the webcast of the Waterloo Regional competition tomorrow and Saturday.  How fast will their minibots go?

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