Full of Last Minute Work

Today was a really exciting  day full of productivity.  The meeting began with a mass collection of all our wonderful crew.  We found out information about our upcoming trip to Toronto including our carpool arrangements and all of the rules.  We also ate some candy given to us from “Under Control” team 1156 from Brazil.  It was delicious!


We continued to work on the minibot deployment feverishly.

Our Chairman’s presenters organized themselves and continued practicing their presentation for GTR, top secret of course!  Our video is posted here.  Our scouting/strategy crew took a look at game video from past regional competitions to look for new strategies to try.

scoutingWe got really wacky and broke out the suspenders. They look really awesome!

suspendersIt was learned today that WD 40 is fantastic at removing logo goo. New logo’s  were also printed and cut to fit the armour.  We’re not going to stick them on until we’re sure that the armour is in its final configuration.  It all depends on the minibot deployment!

logosOur colourful lights that have many uses, are now much lighter. They were cheeseholed, and some mechanisms were replaced with lighter alternatives.lightsAnd of course the back of our room is still a mess, we really should stop looking at it and clean it up.


Maybe tomorrow will be the day!

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One Response to Full of Last Minute Work

  1. taylor says:

    ohhh yea rocking the suspenders!!

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