Iron rings, minibots, and vinegar?

When we left for New York it was rainy.  When you drop your robot’s armour in the water, the ink runs a bit.  Today we are trying to make our armour pretty again for Toronto’s competition.  We scraped the old logo stickers off the armour using putty knives and vinegar.  The vinegar seemed to help loosen the paper, but it makes the whole lab stink!


We worked on cutting bits and pieces for the minibot deployment mechanism.

minibot deployment

Also to go along with the minibot deployment, we re-wired our minibot.  We’re aiming for it to be even faster than it was at New York.

reworking the minibotOur teachers and parent mentors spent lots of time figuring out how to mobilize our team and get carpools to Toronto.  coordination

Along with coordinating rides, we need to coordinate breakfast for all of the people going to competition.  How many bagels does it take to feed 47 people for 3 breakfasts?  How much cream cheese?  How much jam?  How much peanut butter?  It’s a scary number!  We did round one of bagel math to figure it out.  We’ll check our calculations again before hitting the grocery stores.

bagel mathWe also need to manage team clothing for all going on the trip.  Some of our teammates were very helpful and folded and packaged up the rest of the t-shirts that needed to be distributed before GTR.   Now everybody can finish packing! If you don’t have your shirts yet, you can pick them up tomorrow at our meeting! shirtsWe are excited to see some new iron rings in the room.  Our fourth year Queen’s  University engineering students received their iron rings this past weekend and were eager to show them off. Congrats to JNo, Kevin and Drew for their accomplishments!

ring buddies

Mike welcomes JNo to the club

Some of us spent lots of time today researching our competition for GTR.  We’ve noticed that many teams have not yet competed in a regional yet, but we’ll see them compete in Waterloo.  It will be exciting to watch!

Our big goal for tomorrow–CLEAN UP OUR ROOM and get the pit set up again.  We want to make sure we pack what we need in the right boxes, and we don’t want to forget anything.  apron of doom

We don’t want anyone to have to wear the apron of doom!

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