New York City Regional Day 3

What an early start this morning!  We woke up at what our bodies felt was 5:00AM and got ready for another fierce day of competition.


While our pit crew worked on adding the pieces constructed in the garage last night, the scouting and cheering crew set to work on writing appreciation post cards to our sponsors.


We continued to have difficulties in our two morning matches.  Getting moving was difficult in the first match, and then we ended up with an ubertube stuck on our robot and couldn’t do anything more without incurring major penalties.  Nevertheless we were excited that our robot was moving and things appeared to be back on track.

Between matches and during field delays we kept ourselves busy with knitting lessons…


…and cat’s cradle…

cats cradle…and lots of dancing!  (our lessons really paid off!)


We’re glad to have people who will volunteer to be the blue bear and lead our spirited group.  Sometimes when your robot isn’t moving, the best thing is to get up and cheer and dance and be a bit crazy!  Thanks to Taylor and Anton for helping with our spirit today.

blue bear blue bear

After our matches we waited and waited while alliance selection took place.  The top 8 seeded teams can choose their alliance partners in a serpentine draft.  This means that 24 robots will play in the elimination matches.  We weren’t sure that we’d be selected as our performance had not been reliable, and we are not well known in New York. alliance

Thankfully we were selected by the 2nd place alliance (teams 335 the Skillz Tech Gear Botz from Brooklyn New York and team 1230 the Lehman Lionics from the Bronx New York) as the 23rd robot, which put us in a great place for the elimination rounds.

cheeringIt was during the quarter finals that things changed entirely for our team.  Our alliance scored 3 logos (we put up 6 tubes out of the 9) and then our alliance partners each sent up minibots.  We knew that things were going to be good for us in the afternoon.  It was nice to show everyone how good our robot can be when all of the components are working properly.

KaseyIII-Barbra StreisandWhile playing in an elimination match against Team 694, they surprised us in the stands with a tray of delicious cookies!  The wonderful thing about FIRST is the sense of togetherness felt even amongst the opposing alliance teams.  Thanks Stuypulse, the cookies were delicious!Team 694Our alliance made it all the way through the quarter finals and then through the semi finals.  K-Botics has never been a regional finalist before.  It was thrilling to see our team play in the final match up.  watching and waiting

All of the wear and tear on the robots took their toll, and with a time-out called, we all fixed up our robots to try and defeat the #1 alliance of teams 359, 395, and 527.  In the end our alliance came in 2nd place, winning us a finalist trophy and medals.


This weekend we were able to meet two of FIRST’s VIPs.  We had met Woodie Flowers yesterday, and thought that he needed a special robot hat just like we wear.  Woodie is such a great inspiration for our team-Thank you Woodie for wearing the hat we made you, and for chatting with our team this weekend.WoodieFlowersWe also got to meet Dean Kamen the founder of the FIRST robotics family.  He kindly signed our finalist medals and our robot, and posed for a picture with our team after the competition.

dean kamenWhile our pit was being packed up, the rest of us helped the volunteers deflate the game pieces.  Their pumps had all broken, so we used whatever method worked best to get the air out of the tubes–We had a lot of fun doing it too.

helping out

We waited to load the bus.  Look at all of the stuff we have!

packed up

Can you tell that Mr. Wood is feeling better?  He started doing chin-ups and the others joined in.  It’s important to have good-sized muscles for loading all of the equipment onto the bus.

feats of strengthWe arrived safely back to Kingston at 3:30 AM after having a very spirited bus rave once we were on Canadian soil.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip so fantastic.  We appreciate the effort of all the mentors, students and parents!

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3 Responses to New York City Regional Day 3

  1. Mrs.Dopking says:

    Congratulations K-Botics!!!! A well deserved finalist award. Your photos are amazing and it looks like you had a fantastic time. So glad the trip was a success. All of your hard work paid off! Yay!!! I am so proud of you!!

  2. Billie says:

    Dear 2809,
    When a large box arrived at our NYC apartment with “parts” I assumed it was for our robot. It was only while sitting in the stands, just above 2809 at the NYC Regional, drooling over your teams one-of-a-kind hats and cool dance moves, that I learned the parts were for YOU! This alone is a reason to love FIRST Robotics!!

    It was really fun to meet some of the Canadian parents. Kudos to you for doing so well here; glad you enjoyed our town. Please come back next year and look for our red shirts and vuvuzelas.

    Billie, mom of a Stuypulse 694 programmer

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