New York City Regional Day 2

We got there early this morning, and had time to take a group photo while we were waiting for the pits/stands to open.  This is one of our “crazy” shots.crazy shot

After getting our seats in the stands we had the opportunity to meet Woodie Flowers!  He chatted with us about our robot, and we got to sign his shirt and take pictures with him.

Woodie Flowers

here we are with Woodie

Our robot had some technical difficulties early on.  A radio problem? A transformer that stopped working?  Whatever it was we were kind of stuck.  No spare parts available!  We’ve asked around and may have come up with a solution.  When we’re going, we can score an entire logo in under a minute!  We somehow ended up motionless by the end of the matches though.  It certainly is a challenge to get all the pieces working at the same time.

in the pit

This is the view of our pit.  Between matches the robot is here getting worked on.  Batteries get charged and problems get solved.  Judges have been coming around today to ask lots of questions.  It’s been a busy place!

captain canada

Back in the stands our spirited team was led by Captain Canada today!  Captain Canada made a friend from the English team.  Between matches we have dance breaks!  We’re one of the few teams that is dancing a lot–we’re teaching our dance moves to others near us in the stands.

dancing lessons

When games are being played all the dancing stops, and the serious work of scouting begins.  We fill out a page about each robot’s performance during each match.


It takes a lot of attention to fill out all of the sheets!  It takes a lot of focus to watch one robot during the entire game, specially when some of the games are really exciting.


Our Game results from the first day of competition do not reflect the moments of brilliance our robot had when it was active on the field.  We played 6 matches, won 2, lost 3, and tied 1.  The scores seem to be heavily influenced by penalty points.

We are very excited to have won an award today!  We were awarded the Engineering Excellence Award sponsored by Delphi which “Celebrates an elegant and advantageous machine feature”.  The judges particularly liked our claw and electrical boxes.  We think this is pretty awesome– It was great to get down on the field and go through the high five line-up.  We hope to do that again soon.


We had dinner and then our scouting meeting. We’ve made our list of top 24 teams that we’d want to work with in the final alliances.  Some of the decisions were tough–do we choose offense bots or defense bots, traction or turning ability, claws or elevators…the choices are endless!  We use a projector to show our database to everyone.  We also look up photos of robots to help jog memories.


Our pit crew and drive team met over dinner to discuss robot improvements.  They had brought tools and materials and used the garage in the hotel after our scouting meeting to do some last minute construction on our minibot deployment system.

workingWe’re all going to bed now since it’s daylight savings tomorrow and we lose an hour.  Wake up call will be extra early!  Watch us tomorrow on the webcast (here).

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4 Responses to New York City Regional Day 2

  1. You look brilliant and unstoppable when everything is working. Congrates to the pilots!

    btw the website shows you won 2 lost 3 tied 1 for a QS = 5 and RS = 9.33

    Good luck tomorrow.


  2. taylor says:

    good job henry and tim i was streaming that last game around 6:11 and you guys did a really good job!

  3. And we are into the Quarter Finals!

    As I understand it, the first eight teams have their pick of any entries to form a 3 team alliance. Having been picked by the second seed team 335, we have a very strong team and alliance. Scheduled as the Q3 at 1:46 ET. Live stream from here:

  4. dMO says:

    Great Job in NY! I was very impressed with the team.

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