New York City Regional Day 1

This was practice day for the New York City Regional FRC competition.  We arrived at the Javits convention center at 8:00AM after feasting on traditional team bagels.  We got choice seats in the stands to watch the excitement.

Our pit set up crew got to work unfolding and assembling our pit.  There’s a lot of things to unpack in the first hour of the competition!  The pit crew got to work on the robot right away, wheel rollers and arm motors were replaced, the electrical box was debugged, and programming was tweaked.

To pass inspection we needed to lose a few pounds.  This is easy when you have fancy party lights which were non-essential (but awesome).  We’ll try to lose weight elsewhere before GTR so we can bring back the lights.

Many thanks to Team 694 for helping us get parts that we needed.  We gave them a special robot hat to say thanks.

Our army of pit scouts set off to interview teams and photograph robots.  Everyone was excited to meet us since we are the only Canadian team at the competition.  We are now famous for our hats! We made good friends with the team from England, and some of us went to play laser tag with them in the late afternoon.

By the end of the competition day our robot had successfully scored tubes and deployed our minibot–a little prematurely, but it was still the fastest minibot that climbed today!

Our big purple family supported each other well today; it’s nice to know that in the big city the purple family sticks together and can be counted on when it really matters.

Thanks to an invitation by the team from England some of our group went on an adventure to Queens to play Taser laser tag!  The subway ride was an interesting one….one in which we met lots of friends.  We seem to meet friends wherever we go–maybe it’s our hats, or our friendly Canadian ways.

The pits closed, the laser tag ended, and we all met up for a team dinner at HB Burger–what a great place, with very good food.  We took team pictures at the restaurant and then later in Times Square when we were walking home.  We saw the famous ball that drops at New Years, and we stopped in to see the M&M store too.

By midnight we were all back safe and sound in our beds.  Wake up call is 6:00AM tomorrow.

Quote of the day:  “Excuse me, our team wants to know if that is your real hair sticking out of your hat” (directed at RJ).

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3 Responses to New York City Regional Day 1

  1. Alice Welsh says:

    This blog is wonderful!!!
    Thank you so much for doing this and keeping us all up-to-date back in Kingston. We are all very excited for you and daily cheering you on.
    Jacob Siemons’ grandmother.

  2. taylor says:

    nice to hear/read that you guys are doing good. HAHA love yea quote of the day!!

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