Welcome to New York City!

busOur day started off when it was still really night.  We met at KCVI and loaded the bus at 2:45 AM then hit the road at 3:00AM.

busIt was a rainy drive….we were tired….but we livened things up a bit with a “Party in the USA” bus-rave as soon as we crossed the border.

bus raveWe left our bags at the hotel and headed off to the American Museum of Natural History to see the Earth and Space exhibit and some dinosaurs.  It was nice to spend the day out of the rain.  Thanks to Ann for the planning.  It was a fun afternoon!

dinosaurWe rode the subway back to the hotel.  For some of us it was the very first time to ride a subway.

subwayWe checked in to the hotel, checked for bedbugs (we didn’t find any), then settled in.

bed checkMost of us were so tired that we were in bed by 7:30PM.  It’s a good thing that we can sleep tonight because tomorrow’s wake up call is at 6:15AM!

There’s a flood warning for Manhattan tonight–it’s raining a lot.  We’ll be marching through puddles tomorrow to get to the Javits Center.

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One Response to Welcome to New York City!

  1. M Bearse says:

    Wishing you good luck ,you have all worked so hard.

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