Up The Pole In Under 2 Seconds


Our shirts have come in!  They are a new design from last year and we think they’re pretty neat!  We’ll stand out in the crowd for sure.


1.5 seconds

We’re going to stand out for our awesome minibot too.  It went up the pole SO fast!

We packed up everything today after school.  Look at all those batteries charged and ready to go!


Our minibot tool box has mini-deodorant…just in case.


Since all our tools were packed away, and our pit was bare we took the opportunity to practice setting it up once more.

pit practice

Look at that, it fits perfectly in the hallway!  We’re trained and ready now for the pits at the Javits Convention Center.

pit practice

It was a wonderful treat to be surprised with pizza today!  We love our big purple family–everyone looks after each other so well.


A big thank you to everyone for being so efficient today.  We got many details sorted out, and all the mentors worked very hard behind the scenes to tie up the loose ends associated with our trip to New York.  We’re thankful to our big purple family for helping out so graciously when times are stressful.  What would we do without you all.  These certainly are big shoes to fill!!

feet up

After a busy day, sometimes it is important to take a time out and put your feet up…

feet up

…of course, some of our mentors take everything to an extreme.

We’ll be blogging from New York when internet is available. We’re sightseeing Thursday afternoon.  The competition starts on Friday with robot inspection and practice matches.  Saturday is the start of round robin play and Sunday is alliance selection and the finals.

Stay tuned for information about webcasts.

Match results should be posted here, or here.

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