You Know You’re Tired When…

Today is our last big work day before leaving for New York City! Tomorrow we plan to get everything together to be packed on the bus. The bus will come to get us at 2:45 AM on Thursday, but that’s really just LATE Wednesday night.

Captain Canada came to visit today!

Captain Canada

Captain Canada

We folded our brochures….


…we photocopied and organized our scouting sheets…scouting

One of the big tasks of the day was to complete our robot’s armour.  This is where we showcase our sponsor logos for everyone to see!  It was a bit of a learning experience for all of us.  So, we present to everyone the tips and tricks for armour decorating.


the first time we put the labels on

K-Botics Guide to Armour Decals
You will need: 8.5 x 11 white mailing labels and a colour printer.

1.  Determine which sponsors gave you what amount of money.  Large sponsors will get large logos.

2.  Email companies to get good quality scalable images for company logos.

3.  Take measurements of the armour.  Draw a mock up of where each logo will be placed.  Consider what parts of the robot will be most visible, and put the big sponsors on the “prime real-estate”.

4.  Print off a paper copy of each logo and tape it on the armour.

5.  Logos will be printed on 8.5 x 11 mailing label paper, and images may need to be cropped so they can fit on the page, and reassembled later.

6.  When applying logos to Lexan be absolutely sure that you are sticking them to the correct side of the Lexan, and that the armour piece has the TOP and BOTTOM written clearly on it.

You see…what we failed to realize in our very very tired state is just that….armour has a top and a bottom, and an inside and an outside.


wiping off the logos

The first time we applied the decals to the inside of the armour.  We found out that it is very hard to remove labels!  You need water and a scraper to do it.  We debated just drilling new mounting holes, but decided it would be best to do it properly.


goo-gone would be a big help with this

The second time we applied the decals upside down (did I mention we’re tired!).  At this point in time it was getting late, and we had no more labels…so we took a step back and decided that maybe re-drilling mounting holes wasn’t such a bad plan after all.

the second time

the second time....upside down!

To re-drill mounting holes, we traced through the armour onto a piece of wood, then flipped it around and used a permanent marker to draw on where the new holes should be.

redrillingNow it’s as good as new! (we hope)

minibot conference

minibot conference

In other news….we’re still working on perfecting our minibot.  We’re packing up all of our gear…

gear…and putting the robot to bed.


good night robot

good night robot

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One Response to You Know You’re Tired When…

  1. Gord says:

    LOL…I am glad to see the suit being put to good use..

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