Last Minute Details

Today we spent our time finishing up lots of little jobs.  We have our drivers station almost done….it’s in a super cool top secret metal briefcase.

driver station

Our electrical box rewiring is in full swing.  With newer more flexible wire it’s looking so much neater!

electrical box

We are getting ready to print out our logos for the Lexan armour for our robot. We appreciate our sponsors so much, and are trying to showcase their logos neatly.

armour decals

We received a great deal of support from Queen’s University, so we have put crests from all of our supporting years on our robot.  Thanks to the classes of Sci’74, Sci’70 and Sci’94.  We’re also very thankful to the mentorship from Queen’s students and alumni from Sci’84, Sci’90, Sci’02, Sci’09, Sci’11, Sci’12, Sci’13, Arts’13, Sci’14, and Arts’14.queens crests

We’re a little nervous about how our robot will survive the bus ride to New York, so we built a cradle for the robot arm and have strapped the robot to a big piece of plywood.  Hopefully it will be secure!

robot cradleWe tested, and the robot and brace JUST fits through the door.

tims shoes

In other news: Tim got new shoes 🙂  They look good–no duct tape or electrical tape yet!

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