Scouting, Dancing, Robot Naming!

The Cyberfalcons, team 3710, came to visit today!  We watched the webcast of the Finger Lakes Regional, and discussed the process of scouting and how strategic decision are made before alliance selection.  It was the first time for many to see what a FRC competition looks like.  They were excited by the webcast–they’ll be SO pumped for real live competition!

scouting and strategy

Parents joined us to hear more about what happens in the stands, and in the pits.  The Cyberfalcons were surprised at how crowded the pit space actually is when you get a robot in it.  We discussed the process of robot inspection, pit scouting, judging and general safety tips.  We noted the importance of battery charging, and having a set routine of things to check between matches.

pit tours

After a snack break we all practiced our dance moves!  We’re going to be ready to show our spirit in the stands–Here’s the Tweedles leading their favourite dance. dance movesWhile the party was going on, there were some of us hard at work packing up tools and working on rewiring our electrical box.packing the tools

Our minibot is still being refined.  It’s taking a while, but we’ve got a few really dedicated minibot designers who are aiming for perfection–keep up the good work Wesley!minibotBefore heading home we voted on our robot’s name.  There were so many very creative names that had been suggested online, and several that had evolved from the craziness of our group.


This is for you crazy mentors....




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