Introducing Our Robot

Team 2809, K-Botics, would like to introduce our robot, Kasey III (a.k.a. Barbra)

robotOur robot scores on all three levels using a four bar mechanism balanced with a gas spring. A wrist and a roller claw pick up and manipulate tubes then place them on the scoring rack.  The claw’s jaw action allows for quick release of the tubes. We improved upon the claw design used by our mentors who participated in 2007’s Rack and Roll game.

roller claw
Maneuverability was a key design goal for our team.  Mecanum wheels allow us to strafe between pegs and change direction quickly.

Improving upon our design from 2010, we have housed our wiring in two removable electrical boxes.  This design feature allows work to be done on the robot and the electrical systems independently, and protects the wiring from physical damage and interference.  These boxes can be positioned to distribute weight for optimal mecanum drive.

electrical boxWe designed and soldered printed circuit boards for the sensors on our robot.  Small circuit boards, which the sensors themselves connect to, are wired using phone cables to an attachment on the digital IO.  This attachment is also a circuit board.  With this design we can quickly and easily disconnect cables to replace sensors on one end, or change ports on the other without rewiring our robot. We strive for “hot-swapability” in all our designs.circuit boards
Our coloured lights are used to communicate with our team’s human players across the field.

We have numerous sensors on our robot:

  • gyroscope
  • potentiometer
  • ultrasonic and infrared distance sensors
  • accelerometer
  • encoders
  • limit switches to detect tubes
  • line sensors
  • retroreflective sensor

Sensors are used to assist the driver in teleoperated mode.  Our autonomous mode takes advantage of our driver’s excellent skills, and combines pre-recorded teleoperated movements with sensor input for an intelligent playback.

full extension
Our minibot has been designed with custom axles to optimize speed.  It is deployed from the robot on a swing arm and connects to the pole using magnets.  After it reaches the top of the pole, the direction of the motors is reversed and the minibot descends.

Kasey III


For more information on our robot and our team, please consult our brochure


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3 Responses to Introducing Our Robot

  1. Jno says:

    Barbra Streisand!!!!

  2. Mike Yan says:


  3. John Hyde says:

    Cool Beans. Good show everybody!

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