So Many Preparations!

Everyone worked so hard today! We’ve got our next minibot revision almost ready to climb up the pole.


We’ve started to pack replacement parts to keep in the pit.  It’s hard to predict all of the things we’ll need!

making spare parts

We’ve found a good way to keep our driver station protected this year.  Since we’re using x-box controllers instead of joysticks, the entire set up can be kept inside a metal briefcase.  It looks pretty cool too!

controller case

Our electrical and sensors group debated the merits of rewiring the electrical box now that we have better wire.  There will be a small weight savings, and the box will be much neater, so it was decided to rewire things this weekend.

rewiring the box

Before too long the box was completely empty once more!

square one?While all of the robot work was going on, we had several computers showing the webcasts from various regional competitions (you can watch too!).  It is very exciting to see how the game is being played.  Tubes are being scored quickly, and some minibots are way faster than we had imagined!  Before long a crowd had gathered by the computers to watch the game develop.

watching regionals

We’re thrilled to be headed to New York for next weekend’s regional competition.  We’re a little concerned about how our robot will survive the bus ride though.  We made good headway on building a support to cradle our robot’s arm during the trip.

cradle design

Each year we make a robot brochure to highlight our team, our design process, and our robot.  It takes a great deal of time to condense all of that information and say everything perfectly.  We want judges and other teams to understand how we made design choices, and what a great robot we’ve created!

editing brochure

As always we’re thankful to our parents for bringing in food whenever they can.  Today we had muffins and sandwiches…


…very big and delicious sandwiches!

Tomorrow is our scouting party at K-Botics headquarters from 1-4pm.  Bring snacks!



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