Showing Off LEGO Skills

We had such a fun time today after school!  We were thrilled to help Module Vanier host an event to practice LEGO robotics skills.  Twenty teams from six elementary schools worked cooperatively to build and program LEGO robots to get through the course that we

The challenge that we created was medieval in theme.  The teams needed to drive over the grass (carpet), around or over a fallen log (dowel), up a ramp, to lower the drawbridge, down the ramp and into the castle.  Once in the castle they needed to collect as much gold (foil wrapped candy) as they could.

trial run

Students were brainstorming, problem solving, building and programming for 2 hours.


The design process requires many iterations, and attention to detail.


Everyone was excited to see how many points they could gather.  Some teams even got filmed for the local news!news

For some, this was their first competition.  For others, it was one of many that they will do over the course of the year.  We’re excited to help support the LEGO robotics programs in our local elementary schools.practice

We know that in the future many of these youngsters will want to get involved in FLL and FRC teams.  We look forward to showing them our robot after competition season is over.hardworkers

Many thanks to all involved in the creation of the LEGO challenge used today.  Thanks especially to Kylie for taking the lead on this project.

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