Packing the Pit

K-Bots, have you filled out your online forms??  We need to print off a team roster, so get your online consent forms competed ASAP!!

going nuts

Now that we’ve got our pit set up, we packed up our tools in baggies and boxes in an organized way.  It’s so important to keep everything in the proper place so things will be easier to find when we set things up again next week in New York.


We’ll practice setting up the pit again before we leave.  We’re going to train our pit set up team to do things really quickly!sanding

While our pit crew worked on packing, some of us sanded the Chairman’s presentation cubes…and others worked on preparing the Bill of Materials.

bill of materials

Some of our team helped out with the LEGO activities going on in the gym.  Several teams and parents were excited about seeing our big robot.  We gave quite a few tours of the pit today!

robot tours

We celebrated two mentor birthdays today as well.  Our big purple family enjoys all kinds of celebrations….Happy Birthday

….particularly if cake is involved!Happy Birthday

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