All Hands On Deck

We started off today with a big group meeting to get everyone on the same page.  We’re slowly but surely checking off all of the tasks as we prepare for the New York City Regional.  We’re leaving in a week.  It’s definitely crunch time now.

team meeting

After discussing our goals, and recapping the features that we want to highlight as our robot’s strengths, we set off to various tasks.  Some of us worked on the minibot.minibot

Others worked in the pit, arranging tools.  Still more worked to create a cradle for our robot’s arm for use in transit.  The last thing we want is to arrive at the competition with a bus-weary robot!  mindmeister

Several of us continued to work on a mind-map of our robot’s features.  Henry and Tim were so excited by using mindmeister!  We are going to produce a brochure about our robot to hand out to judges and other FRC teams in the pit.

Good work today everyone, we’re making lots of progress!

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